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YES - Please send me the
"4 Mistakes Most Optometrists Make when sending recall reminders out to patients" and discover just how easily these mistakes can be corrected!

How To Predictably Grow Your Practice 25-35% Every Year While Enjoying More Control, Time Off, And Bottom-Line Profits!”

Dear Optometrist


My name is Craig Till, and over the past 18 ½ years I have shown hundreds of optometrists throughout South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa how to flood their practice with patients, using my counter intuitive, yet extremely effective optometry marketing and optometry advertising secrets that are proven, guaranteed and unmatched by anyone else in optometry!


Whether you are frustrated with how much money you are taking home, the quality of new patients you are seeing, or simply are looking to take your practice to the next level, then I promise you this Optometry Marketing website will literally transform your practice and financial life!

Over 85% of Optometrists in South Africa are frustrated with the lack of response to their past, sporadic marketing and advertising efforts, with most claiming that advertising in optometry simply does not work and is a waste of money!



You (and your team) need to stop buying into all the gloom and doom surrounding advertising and marketing in optometry, and focus all your energy, effort and heart into what you can control! Focus on the hundreds of patients in your patient base and around your practice who DO have money, who WILL invest in their sight, and GET GOING!

This FREE DVD will give you the 4 mistakes most optometrists make when sending out patient recalls and how to easily correct these.

Imagine, 6 months from now, that your practice has grown by 30%. Imagine a stream of patients that are prequalified, the type of patients that you want in your practice, that are willing and ready to spend money on their sight.



This is an entirely new way of thinking … but thinking won’t get you there alone. It’s what you do that makes all the difference.
Just fill in the information below to receive my brand new DVD that gives you in plain English, “4 Mistakes most optometrists make when sending out recalls”.  You’ll love it, I promise. If not, just send me a note and I’ll send you a R100 cheque for wasting your time.



Grow Your Optometry Practice

You will receive exactly what you see in the photo alongside. It is 100% free.

I look forward to helping you to grow your practice!
Kind regards,



Craig Till